Ventura Future
Milan, Italy

April 17-22 2018

Project Ne-Ro deals with the ecological impacts resulting from slate mining. Students of industrial design developed products, made of experimental slate geopolymer, for growing, processing, and storage of homemade food.

The Industrial Design Studio

About project

The main topic of this project was to transform slate waste into a fine-grained fraction, to define the optimal composition of the newly created slate geopolymer and to choose the most appropriate technology for the production of proposed utility products. It accumulates on mounds nearby quarries mainly in protected areas. The aim of the project is to remove these quarries through the application of the fraction in the production of household products, thematic focusing on the breeding and plant growing.

The project Ne-Ro of the Industrial Design Studio have participated students from other studios of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University in Zlín, as well as leading experts from research institutions focused on materials development. From a large number of experimental samples, the two most suitable composite materials were selected - the reacted shale fraction and the shielded dust filament for 3D printing. Both technologies suitably complement their physical properties and enable the emergence of a diverse collection of growing and breeding products.

About the studioExposition

About the material

Exceptionality of the material confirms its first use in the field of product design at all. It is an innovation that has been supported by both students and renowned experts in the long term. After countless hours of experimentation and development spent in the studio, they eventually managed to find a way to shape, process, and transform the material.

  • Project Supervisor
    MgA. Martin Surman, ArtD.
  • Project Coordinator
    MgA. Ondřej Puchta
  • Production Supervisor
    MgA. Martin Mikeš
  • Production Supervisor
    doc. ak. soch. Ferdinand Chrenka
  • Junior Coordinators
    Alena Konečná
  • Junior Coordinators
    Klára Nemečková
  • Exposition Design
    Lukáš Jakóbek
  • Graphic Design
    Lenka Vomáčková
  • Photographer
    Marie Zdráhalová
  • Audio-Visual Arts
    Daniel Trögler
  • Audio-Visual Arts
    Jakub Babica
  • Marketing Communications
    Soňa Šnircová
  • Marketing Communications
    Tereza Vlčáková
  • Expert Advisors
    Dr. Ing. Petr Antoš, Ph. D., EUR ING, EurChem
    Ing. Jan Urbánek
    Ing. Roman Slavík Ph.D.
    Ing. Radmila Horáková
    Josef Doleček
  • Web
    MgA. Vanda Miškechová